What is the best material for an eco-friendly toothbrush?

Posted by Riccardo Carminati on August 23 2022 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Since mass production of plastic began 60 years ago, humankind has produced more than eight billion metric tons of plastic, and almost 80% of it ends up in the natural environment. Microplastics are particularly problematic, as they could also have adverse effects for humans.

Smarter brands and companies are now looking for sustainable alternatives to place on their shelves, as eco-friendly toothbrushes are really appreciated by customers: that is why you should offer them in your catalogue.

But what is the best material to choose? Discover it in the following article!

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The role of an expert supplier in wooden toothbrush design

Posted by Riccardo Carminati on October 21 2021 - Reading time: 9 minutes

Managing wood is not easy, as each type of wood is different, with structural limits and specific tolerances that the manufacturer must know and respect.

When designing wooden toothbrushes, in particular, the ability of the wood maker is essential to guarantee precise, durable, and comfortable products.

Let’s discuss this topic in the following article.

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Topics: custom wood products, wooden toothbrushes handles, oral care wooden products, wood manufacturing

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