Custom gun stocks & sustainability: the link is wood

Posted by Alberto Franchini on June 22 2023 - Reading time: 5 minutes

For modern companies, the challenge to protect the environment has begun, and it’s not just about not polluting. The keyword is sustainability.

However, what is the link between custom gun stocks and safeguarding the planet?

Wood, of course.

Discover more in the following article!

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Topics: sustainability, gunstocks, custom gun stocks

Wooden bow riser: how to select the most reliable manufacturer

Posted by Alberto Franchini on January 12 2021 - Reading time: 5 minutes

Buying a top-quality wooden bow riser is essential to ensure the best performance and durability. The riser is a key component of the bow, as it’s not only a simple connection to the limbs but basically functions as a motherboard. Therefore, it is necessary to create a riser that corresponds perfectly to your needs and requests. We talk about this topic in the following article.

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Topics: sustainability, custom wood products, outdoor, wooden bow riser

Why wooden firearm stocks are still the better choice

Posted by Alberto Franchini on May 07 2020 - Reading time: 4 minutes

When you decide to buy a new firearm, you might have some doubts about the features to choose. It depends on your objectives and expectations, but firearms with wood stocks are still a very good option. In this article, we want to explain why you should choose a wooden firearm stock whether you are a professional, a beginner, or simply a collector.

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Topics: sustainability, bedding, gunstocks, outdoor

The reasons why wood gun stocks are the best on the market

Posted by Alberto Franchini on April 23 2020 - Reading time: 7 minutes

Over the last twenty years, the most noticeable change in the firearm stocks market has been the growth of synthetic stocks. It is undeniable that these types of stocks have some advantages, but they are far to be comparable with traditional wooden gun stocks. The reasons are many: we talk about them in this article.

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Topics: sustainability, custom wood products, gunstocks, wood design

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