Custom wood designs have no limits: discover the latest trends

Posted on 23.01.2020 - Reading time: 5 minutes

Consumers today like wood, and they like custom wood products even more. They love the prestige and luxury they convey and that wooden objects give a tactile and sensory experience that is unthinkable with other materials. Moreover, wood is sustainable, which is important today. However, what are the latest trends in wood design that a supplier must know to satisfy his clients? Let’s discuss in this article.

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Topics: sustainability, custom wood products, wood design

How to select a custom wood products manufacturer that fits your needs

Posted on 26.11.2019 - Reading time: 7 minutes

Since the green trend is spreading and consumers are becoming more and more aware of environmental issues, you have decided to include wooden products in your catalogue. It is surely a good idea, considering that sustainability is a topic that influences buyers today. The question is: how to find the right supplier? Let’s discuss it in this article.

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Topics: supplier, custom wood products, wood maker

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