The advantages of custom gun stocks to satisfy clients’ requests

Posted by Alberto Franchini on July 02 2020 - Reading time: 8 minutes

custom gun stocks Today, customization is important in all industries. Customers want to purchase products that perfectly represent their needs, and they expect companies to deliver tailored options. In this article, we discuss personalization in the firearms field, and we explain why offering custom gun stocks can make you more wanted.

Why is it so important to offer custom gun stocks?

Product customization is the key to give value to your clients and to provide a successful customer experience. Not all buyers have the same needs and standards, and companies must strive to offer what each one looks for.

In this video, you can see some wooden custom gun stocks and grips we can create and personalize according to your requirements:



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Customers demand personalized experiences

Why do people today ask for personalization so much? Product customization has to do with the online world. Surfing the web, consumers have personalized experiences every minute. When they navigate a brand’s website, they receive personalized recommendations and offers; even when they watch a movie online (on Netflix, for example), they view specific suggested content depending on their interests, preferences, and previously watched series and movies. Online players use sophisticated tools and technologies as well as marketing strategies to analyse customers’ behaviour and collect data in order to provide personalized content. Customers feel that brands listen and understand them, and pay attention to their specific wants and needs, and they become accustomed to getting what they want. People appreciate that brands consider them unique and provide specific and personalized experiences. That is why they demand the same when they purchase something offline.

custom gun stocks Here are some interesting stats from the Forbes website:

  • 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide relevant offers and recommendations
  • 80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand that provides personalized experiences
  • 80% of frequent shoppers only shop with brands that personalize the experience
  • 79% of retailers are investing in personalization, the most of any industry
  • 70% of consumers say that a company’s understanding of their personal needs influences their loyalty

This data concerns personalization of the online experience: what about offline? How can product personalization influence the relationship between buyers and sellers?

Product personalization: how it influences consumers’ purchasing decisions

So far, we have discussed personalization of online experiences and how much people appreciate them. It seems that it has nothing to do with product personalization, but it is not true. As mentioned above, people have become accustomed to having personalized experiences, and they want to find them offline too. It means they expect producers to be interested in their preferences and needs, and to do their best to please them, providing extremely personalized products. In the offline world, it means that manufacturers must be flexible, willing to satisfy even the most complicated requirements.

custom gun stocks Personalization is spreading in all sectors, from electronic devices to apparel and footwear, food, beverages, and household goods. Offering the possibility to customize products is important for three reasons:

  1. It is an opportunity to place value on products. Customized and perfectly made products are exclusive, and customers are willing to pay more to get a special product made only for them. By introducing the possibility of product customization, the company gets a lot of esteem by the entire market and new quality skills.
  2. Customer loyalty increases as well as the possibility of purchasing again. If buyers can take part in the design phase of their product, they will get exactly what they want, with a very high level of satisfaction and involvement. This feeling will improve the customer experience, with a greater possibility of buying again in the future and having a positive impact on customers’ loyalty.
  3. You will have more insight about your customers’ preferences. A personalized purchase gives you a detailed analysis of your buyers’ tastes. In this way, you can understand if new trends are growing and anticipate them, gaining a distinct advantage over your competitors.

The firearms industry is a special sector, where customization is especially important.

Customization in the firearms field

For many people, firearms are not just objects. Some people buy a gun to ensure safety; others purchase firearms for recreational activities and hobbies, such as target shooting and hunting; while others buy firearms because they feel they are part of their culture.

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In some countries, gun ownership is the norm and even praised. Firearms represent a sort of highly valued accessory—a status symbol that one cannot miss—which explains why so many models of guns and rifles are available and why customers want to make them unique and special.

custom gun stocks The custom gun stocks market can be compared to the field of technology: people often want to buy the last iPhone not because they need it but because it provides a certain social status. The same feeling applies with firearms: gun enthusiasts have different models, and they always want the newest and the most beautiful one. They often pay a lot to get the product that corresponds to their requirements, which, according to them, best reflects their status. For them, more or better guns provide higher status.
Whatever the reason may be, each consumer needs a precise model, with certain characteristics and specific features. A person who buys a firearm to use in a specific sport will look for comfort, a perfect fit, precision, accuracy, strength, and resistance.

On the other hand, a collector will search for innovative finishes, precise details, a perfect manufacturing process, and cutting-edge technology. Everyone has their own requirements, and a competent supplier must be able to satisfy them.

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Customization can affect performance and improve aesthetics.

Custom gun stocks: influence on performance

Customization is crucial in terms of performance, as the stock must adapt perfectly to the shooter’s physique and preferences. The primary factors that may affect performance are:


Understanding the best grip for every shooter is often challenging, as many options are available. However, an effective grip is important to provide control and stability. Every person is different and must find his own proper grip to improve the shooting experience.custom gun stocks


How ergonomic the stock is for the shooter has a great influence on reaching the right line of fire. People must feel good while holding their custom gun stock, especially if they must handle it for a long time. Some experts say that one of the most ergonomic stocks is the thumbhole rifle stock, as the presence of the hole lets shooters reach the trigger correctly without putting their hand in an awkward position.

Stability of the gun’s mechanism

Bedding a rifle stock can improve stability as well as the overall shooting experience. It means introducing a metal support insert during the production processes, which makes the stock more solid and stable, preventing it from movements, vibrations, and reducing recoil.
Custom gun stocks: improvement on aesthetics

Many enthusiasts and collectors do not use firearms for shooting, but they love their beauty and purchase them just for pleasure. They focus primarily on aesthetics when deciding which firearm to buy. For them, wooden firearms are the best option: they love the prestige, elegance, quality, and charm of the finest aged walnut, so you must ensure that your supplier can guarantee precision, innovative manufacturing processes, and strict quality control over the raw material.

custom gun stocks Many clients look for innovative designs, new styles, and unusual finishes to enhance their custom gun stocks. Your supplier must be able to propose unique finishes, such as:

  • oil, oil + wax, and oil + wax + polymer finishes
  • classic paints
  • water-based finishes
  • embossing and engraving
  • soft-touch finishes
  • polymer coatings

Different finishing options offer varying levels of protection, covering, durability, renovation, and aesthetics. You must find an experienced wood manufacturer that knows wood very well and can manage it properly, using the best finishes available. He should also offer internal design and innovative ideas to satisfy his clients’ needs.

custom gun stocks

Whether one is competitive, a tactical shooter or a hunter, a beginner or a professional, he must find the best stock for him. Therefore, you must be able to propose custom gun stocks in your catalogue. The key is finding a highly skilled manufacturer that can advise and personalize each firearm according to clients’ needs, suggesting innovations where appropriate.

Thanks to our decennial experience in wood manufacturing and our innovative machines and tools, we can guarantee integrated and tailor-made products that meet clients’ requirements. The Minelli Group is known all over the world for the quality and precision of its gun stocks as well as its ability to maintain the highest standards in compliance with tolerances and strict quality control. 

If you have a project in mind, do not hesitate to contact us! Our experts will be glad to evaluate your plan and help shape your idea.

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