Wooden bow riser: how to select the most reliable manufacturer

Posted by Alberto Franchini on January 12 2021 - Reading time: 6 minutes

wooden bow riserBuying a top-quality wooden bow riser is essential to ensure the best performance and durability. The riser is a key component of the bow, as it’s not only a simple connection to the limbs but basically functions as a motherboard. Therefore, it is necessary to create a riser that corresponds perfectly to your needs and requests. We talk about this topic in the following article.

Is the wooden bow riser the new frontier of hunting & target shooting?

In the last few years, the market for bows and crossbows has seen an increase of more than 30%. Several factors have contributed to this success. Among them, we must underline some ethical ones.

First, archers and hunters compete on almost equal terms with the animal. If the arrow hits the prey in a precise point of the body, it is lethal. Success or failure of the hunter is equal to the animal’s chance of survival. The relationship and the competition between man and nature change drastically.

Second, the bow represents an ancestral memory for human beings, belonging to past ages. Nowadays, an increasing number of people prefer an outdoor lifestyle, and they are more prone to live in contact with nature, preserving and respecting the environment. For this reason, the bow as well as the knife represent the most correct, simple, and basic hunting and shooting tools in line with today’s “naturalistic trends.”

Finally, archery can be compared to meditation, as it requires silence and great concentration.

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How to recognize a top-quality and reliable wooden bow riser

In archery, besides the ability of the bowman, an accurate arrow launch derives from the perfect combination of two factors:

  • the stability of the riser
  • the structural stiffness of the bow

It has been proven that the lighter the bow, the less steadier the arm and then the shot result.

The ideal material for the bow riser must be not-lightweight, but resistant and durable as is the case with wood, which is the preferred choice of enthusiasts, collectors, outdoorsman, and those who want to shoot traditionally and don’t like such materials as metal and carbon.

wooden bow riserMany people believe, however, that wooden bows are limited in terms of customization. It depends on the manufacturer you select. An expert wood maker that operates exclusively in the timber sector will have a wide range of wood combinations to ensure the right weight and bow durability.

Moreover, in line with the aim of protecting the environment, a competent wooden manufacturer can offer water-based finishes, which provide a clean and clear finish, give a natural appearance to the wooden surface, and have a lower impact on the environment.

Sustainability today is important for consumers; archers, in particular, really care about the environment and are more prone to buy an eco-friendly object. That is why they often prefer wooden bow risers.

A high-performance riser is solid, resistant, straight, and has the right shape and weight to ensure that limbs bend perfectly and that the aim is accurate.

How can you be sure that the risers you include in your catalogue are really top-quality? Relying on European or American wood makers provides the best guarantee.

7 reasons why you should choose European or American bow riser manufacturers

Details make the difference when we talk about the quality of a product. European and American manufacturers can ensure the highest-quality risers for many reasons.

Selected solid wood and top-quality laminated birch plywood

There must be no compromise in the selection of solid woods destined to the production of bow risers. The absence of knots and discoloration, the right level of humidity, and a certified country of origin are the standards needed by European and American archery manufacturers. Northern European birch is the best and most resistant wood for laminated bow risers. It is durable and does not break easily if stressed. “Formaldehyde free” glue for laminated woods in compliance with USA Carb2 regulations are the only chemical components allowed.

Finishes & customization

As discussed above, an expert EU/USA manufacturer will have a wide range of finishing options, many different wood essences, and be able to offer customization. For coloring laminated woods, the manufacturer you select should use only natural pigments or water-based finishes. Besides providing a better chromatic effect, they have a lower impact on the environment, which is especially dear to archers.

Steel & brass accessories

Screws, bushings, and the joints that connect the limbs to the riser are essential elements of the bow. To ensure maximum resistance and durability, they can’t be made with plastic, Zama, or iron coated with powder. For this reason, the most experienced makers use screws and bushings made exclusively with steel or brass.

Well-balanced risers

A well-balanced riser is more stable, comfortable to shoot, and consequently more accurate. The role of the manufacturer is important to achieve a perfect balance, straightness, and geometry. In fact, the shape and weight of the riser also affects how the bow reacts when it’s shot and how well it aims.

Quality tests

A competent EU/USA manufacturer makes many tests to guarantee the quality of the riser and its performance. A Degree of Bending Test, Stress Test, and Breaking Load Test are essential to validate both the structure of the riser and its performance during the design phase. Then, after production, each riser must be tested to verify if there are any anomalies in the components or some unglued areas. Finally, before shipment, risers must undergo final quality control before being approved and certified.

In the video below, you can discover more about the essential quality tests a reliable supplier must make:

A competent producer will use hot stamping with glue specific for wood and make these quality tests before selling its products. If your manufacturer doesn’t perform them, bow risers can’t be considered high quality.


The wood maker you select must be a real partner ready to cooperate with you and help improve the design and characteristics of the final object. The ideal supplier is able to provide consulting services before moving to production and satisfy even the most demanding customers’ needs and requests. Customization today is crucial, and the wood maker must be able to meet each requirement.

Flexibility of production

Being flexible during production means adapting to customers’ needs. For example, having the opportunity to produce bow risers in small lots and only when clients request them is a great advantage, as the investment will be lower and the efficiency greater. If the manufacturer also offers customizable private stocking solutions that allow you to order from stock with virtually instantaneous delivery, this will let you save high warehouse expenses. Products must be top quality and cost-effective.

Are you looking for an expert and reliable manufacturer of wooden bow risers?
Thanks to its considerable investment in qualified experts and innovative machinery, the Minelli Group can produce and deliver both large and small lots of products all over the world.

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