Wood manufacturing: how to obtain maximum precision for your products

Posted on June 15 2021 - Reading time: 5 minutes

wood manufacturingA high-quality and precise wood manufacturing has always been one of Minelli’s top priorities and differentiates us from our competitors.

Thanks to the newest 3D metrology technology we have implemented, we can improve our quality control even more, guaranteeing the most precise wooden products in the market.

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Wood manufacturing and metrology: the science of measurement

Producing one hundred perfect wooden components is easy. Producing one million requires special skills, advanced technologies, and strict manufacturing procedures to ensure precision for each production lot.

We have always had a strong focus on Industry 4.0 and Information Technology to provide the best service possible to our clients, guaranteeing maximum efficiency, accuracy, and trustworthiness.

That is why we have recently decided to take a step forward, investing in a ground-breaking measurement technology that will help us improve even more the quality of our products.

It is a system based on the blue light 3D scanning technology that enables our engineers to quickly generate 3D blueprints of physical objects with a high level of accuracy.

To make it simple, there are three main phases:

  1. a blue light laser gun is used to scan the product’s surface
  2. sophisticated metrology software converts the scan into a three-dimensional representation
  3. the 3D representation is compared with the original technical drawing to verify that nominal dimensions and tolerances are correct

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Old vs. modern measurement systems

Before production, metrological instruments are used to set up the needed machinery so that it can produce the object according to the technical drawing.

To prevent possible mistakes, operators must ensure that the machinery is properly calibrated to maintain optimum accuracy and precision.

If made manually, i.e., using manual callipers, rulers, or goniometers, the probability of error is higher. Thanks to the new 3D laser technology and the metrology software, the entire process is automated, faster, and more accurate.wood manufacturing

The process of quality control is integrated into the computer system that controls the machine: it means that without performing the scan production cannot start. This has many advantages in terms of accuracy and saving time.

Every manual measurement, in fact, has a degree of uncertainty, as it depends on the ability of the operator, his competency, and concentration. If the process is fully automated, the possibility of error is minimal, even nonexistent.

Moreover, especially when wooden objects have complex shapes, e.g., wooden gunstocks and risers, manual measurements can be very complicated and, therefore, time consuming and susceptible to mistakes. Even when the operator is performing at his best, the result will always be subjective.

The laser gun makes the entire process faster and more reliable. The wooden object is completely scanned, with no risk that some parts of the surface are left out.


Digitalization and automating measurements and quality control processes do not mean we don’t perform manual quality control.

Besides automation and sophisticated software, human control over production remains essential for greater precision and consistency. Our experienced professionals set up and monitor each production line to ensure they respect all the standards and parameters we have established to create state-of-the-art products.

The entire production process is optimized

Implementing the most innovative metrological systems also has many advantages for our clients, as the entire production process becomes more efficient:

  • quality control is more accurate and precise, resulting in perfect and top-quality wooden objects
  • overall production time is reduced as well as the lead time between development and delivery and time to market
  • there is a positive effect on production costs, making our components more cost-effective
  • waste is minimal, as the whole process is precisely set up from the beginning
  • clients can receive digital reports and verify them, so they are aware of the quality control that has been performed

Our culture of continuous innovation leads us to continue investing to get the newest machinery and systems. Our goal is to create a smart factory based on automation, interconnectivity, machine learning, and real-time data, exploiting the power of Industry 4.0. 

Thanks to our innovative machines and tools, we can be more flexible during production and design phases, guaranteeing a fluid and adaptive organization even in today’s complex environment.

We produce many different types of wooden products, e.g., gunstocks, risers, packaging components, hairbrushes, kitchenware tools, toys, and more, so we can exploit and apply the knowledge developed in one industry to another one, with continuous development of abilities and expertise.

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