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How to distinguish a top-quality wooden toothbrush

Posted by Riccardo Carminati on June 16 2022 - Reading time: 4 minutes

wooden toothbrushOffering wooden toothbrushes in your catalogue is a smart choice today, as people increasingly look for sustainable items and are also willing to spend more for them. However, they must be of maximum quality and functionality.

How do you ensure that your supplier can create premium wooden oral care objects? Let’s talk about it in this article.

Why should you include wooden toothbrushes in your catalogue?

Today, competition among retailers is very high, and they must find ways to differentiate themselves. If the wood manufacturer is unable to offer anything innovative, they keep on selling the same items.

A competent supplier observes market trends and gives you the possibility of creating and offering high-quality products with new styles and new ideas, satisfying clients’ requirements and need for innovation.

A perfectly made wooden toothbrush guarantees the same quality of cleaning as a plastic one with the benefit of being more eco-friendly. Consumers know the risks of plastic pollution for the environment, and they like the idea of making more conscious choices to reduce their impact.

Moreover, consumers consider wood as an elegant material, and they love to show wooden items in their house—even in their bathroom—to give a modern and warm appearance (an example is the growing spread of cosmetics, fragrances, and wooden packaging).

Including wooden toothbrushes in your catalogue will let you offer sustainable and elegant products.

wooden toothbrush

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When you decide to offer wooden oral care products, however, you must be aware that they affect people’s hygiene. As they are used in the mouth, safety is a crucial aspect to consider.

Wooden oral care products: four points to consider

The raw material must respond to certain requirements to ensure maximum safety.

Wood must be managed properly to avoid being splintered

Toothbrushes are used in the mouth, so the raw material must be treated with specific machinery to make the toothbrush perfectly smooth with no risk of injuring the lips or mouth. Both manual and automatic quality controls are mandatory to verify that the final product is safe for people.

Each handle should be checked for:

  • dimensional and functional aspect (size and shape)
  • milling accuracy (missing parts, dents, splinters, breakage)
  • morphological defects (open knots, heavy discoloration)

Just in this way you can ensure top-quality products.

Paints and lacquers used to customize it must be approved by the FDA

Finishes can make even a simple wooden toothbrush a real object of design, but a reliable supplier uses only FDA-approved paints, meaning they are safe for consumers’ health, which is necessary for oral care products that come in contact with the mouth. A reliable and trustworthy supplier makes safe products for consumers.

You also need to ensure that your supplier can offer the possibility to customize your toothbrushes by top-notch laser technology and have your logo on top of the handle or some deco and grip all around the handle. Different from silk-screening or hot stamping, lasering doesn’t need any ink or added chemical.

wooden toothbrushesWooden oral care items must be hygienic and not develop mold

Toothbrushes are kept in humid environments, such as near the sink, so they easily get wet and remain damp. This can cause the proliferation of mold and bacteria that must be prevented for health reasons. The wood maker must be able to apply specific finishes that make wood water repellent to avoid the growth of microorganisms.

Wooden products must also be safe for the environment

To be considered 100% sustainable, wood must be collected following strict guidelines for environmental and forestry protection to preserve the natural ecosystem and manufactured by a company that uses a sustainable approach.

Therefore, you should ensure that:

  • wood is FSC or PEFC certified
  • your manufacturer pays great attention to sustainability, applying the principles of circular economy models and trying to make logistic operations more sustainable

A plus occurs when the manufacturer tries to get the most out of this precious natural resource, creating wooden toothbrushes from leftovers of production of bigger wooden items.

If the company specializes in wood manufacturing, it should have a Scrap Management System to optimize the scraps and obtain wooden blocks to stock for future production of smaller items, such as toothbrushes or interdentals.

Since 1937, The Minelli Group has ensured perfection in the quality and design of each product manufactured, and our experienced specialists serve customers in the best way possible, following rigorous processes and environmental sustainability.

We invest a lot to get the latest digital systems, sophisticated software, and cutting-edge machines to guarantee the most precise and accurate wooden products even at a very high production volume.

Thanks to our own Manufacturing Execution System (MES), our company is fully connected, and we have recently implemented new 3D metrology technology that lets us guarantee maximum precision for each production lot.

If you are looking for top-quality wooden toothbrush handles, don’t hesitate to contact us!
Our experts will be glad to help shape your idea.

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