4 characteristics of a reliable oral care manufacturer

Posted by Riccardo Carminati on April 28 2022 - Reading time: 5 minutes

oral care manufacturerA reliable wooden oral care manufacturer should support you in creating value for customers to set you apart from your competitors. 

How can you understand if your potential supplier can help you be competitive? Let’s discuss this in the following article. 

Is your oral care manufacturer trustworthy? What you should consider

Today, customers can find a wide range of low-priced plastic toothbrushes and oral care products at the supermarket, so the question is: why should they prefer wooden items? They must believe it is worth spending more for a nonplastic product.

It means that you and your manufacturer must collaborate to create valuable and top-quality wooden toothbrushes, giving customers some good reasons to buy. 

The products you offer in your catalogue can’t be considered just another commodity in the eyes of potential customers.

How do you recognize an expert oral care manufacturer?

Here are the characteristics you should look for.

Your wooden oral care manufacturer must specialize in wood manufacturing

This point may seem obvious, but it’s not. Most manufacturing companies work with different raw materials, and they do not operate exclusively in the timber sector. The risk is that they do not have specific competency in wood manufacturing or the necessary machines and tools to manage this special raw material.New call-to-actionYou need a deep knowledge of wood to create perfect products as well as the right finishes to apply. Many different essences exist in nature, with each one having its own peculiarities that must be considered to create durable products. A reliable oral care manufacturer will be able to advise about the best type of wood to select and the best finishes to apply.

Consider that oral care products are often kept in a humid environment, and they could develop mold if not treated with the right water-repellent finishes.

Making the right choices will have a significant effect on cost, performance, and appearance of the final products. 

A serious wood maker guarantees clients’ deadlines and delivers each order as scheduled

It is difficult to know in advance if the oral care manufacturer will respect deadlines, but you can have a good idea by observing how the company is structured. Ensure they have:

  • state-of-the-art machinery and software
  • consolidated digital systems and processes 
  • tailor-made logistic solutions 
  • a multiproduct and multi-industry business model

oral care manufacturer

The company’s reputation is important too: if it is recognized as an expert in the field, it means it is reliable and solid. 

An innovative manufacturer has a strong focus on industry 4.0

To create one million perfect and top-quality wooden toothbrushes, which are small objects with complicated shapes, you need special skills. Your manufacturer must be able to guarantee the same precision and quality for each production lot. To do that, it must invest a lot of time and money in the most innovative machines and tools to make the company a smart factory based on automation, interconnectivity, machine learning, and real-time data.

In this way, your oral care manufacturer can be more flexible during production and design phases, giving you the possibility of:

  • customizing the products as you prefer 
  • producing goods in small lots and only when requested
  • testing the market and adapting to the market before completing production
  • receiving your products just in time with virtually instantaneous delivery
  • receiving your products just in time with virtually instantaneous delivery
wooden oral care productsA reliable partner performs accurate quality control

Oral care products must be safe for people, and they cannot have splinters that could injure the mouth and lips. 

Each item must be individually checked with sophisticated systems that operate at 360° all around the handle to verify:

  • dimensional and functional aspect (size and shape)
  • milling accuracy (missing parts, dents, splinters, breakage)
  • morphological defects (open knots, heavy discoloration) 

Each item should then be automatically packaged according to customer specifications in a safe and clean environment.

The human aspect is important too

The oral care manufacturer you select should be responsive and emphatic to help you improve your products. Especially during the design phase, collaboration is necessary to evaluate the options available and then find the best solutions to satisfy clients’ requirements.

If you can also see and touch a representative prototype of the final product, you will be able to evaluate it and decide if it corresponds to your requirements and needs.

At Minelli, we can guarantee the highest level of quality thanks to our decennial experience in wood manufacturing, our team of experienced specialists, and our custom-made CNC machines and sophisticated tools. 

We can offer predrilled toothbrush heads with the highest accuracy in the market. Whether you are experiencing problems in tufting your handles coming from the Far East or you wish to have a specific hole field pattern, Minelli is the right partner.

wooden toothbrushesSince 1937, our company has ensured perfection in the quality and design of each product manufactured, and our experienced specialists serve customers in the best way possible, following rigorous processes and environmental sustainability.

If you have a project in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our experts will be glad to evaluate your plan and help shape your idea. 

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