Custom gun stock for an off-axis grip: challenges and solutions

Posted by Alberto Franchini on November 17 2022 - Reading time: 4 minutes

custom gun stockWe often face challenging technical and structural demands from our clients that require both experience and different sets of expertise to resolve. These are the cases in which Minelli can really bring its added values to the table while trying to develop the best solution for our clients’ requests. Doing so requires a lengthy process of study and often the need to create machines tailored to a specific purpose.

In today’s article, we want to discuss a case study involving the creation of a specific technology for making an OEM off-axis grip custom gun stock.

Custom gun stock: What the problem was and how it was solved

When OEM clients want to create a new rifle stock for expanding their catalogue, they usually look for innovative designs, new styles, and unique finishing options. They have an idea in mind and ask us to realize it.

But customers also often come to us to solve a specific problem, which perhaps other possible suppliers have not been able to solve.

Finding solutions for the most complicated situations is one of Minelli’s strengths. We always do our best to find the most functional and cost-effective answer, relying on the ability and experience of our specialists, their knowledge of wood, and the most innovative software, machines, and tools to treat wood properly.

Here’s what the problem was and how we solved it.

The issue: gun stock off-axis handle

The grip of our client’s gun stock was off axis, i.e., completely offset to the right relative to the firing line of the weapon. The recoil on firing acted directly on the stock, forces were not distributed equally, and the grip did not absorb them correctly with evident risk of breakage.

The customer asked for a very ergonomic product to hold the elbow high and raised 30 degrees to the right.

As the weapon had recoil, the problem was that the grip would almost tear because the force of the recoil created a crack.

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Our solution

After several tests (FEM), we decided to reinforce the stock by inserting some aluminium components:

  1. the first was a longitudinal aluminium rod parallel to the firing line that was inserted above the grip to unload the forces generated by the recoil directly toward the rear of the stock
  2. the second reinforcement was vertical and grafted inside the grip to the base of the stock to consolidate and make the stock monolithic

custom gun stock

custom gun stock

This technical solution led to a second problem: to insert reinforcements in the areas necessary to increase the strength and durability of the stock without compromising the aesthetics of the stock itself.

To solve this problem, Minelli designed a specific tool for grafting the reinforcements whether they are made of aluminium, carbon, or rubber, which allows wood manufacturing without compromising the shape of the stock.

At a later stage, seeing the result, the idea was to insert a hard rubber ball instead of the aluminium rods to absorb the shock.

Why we were able to solve the problem

Creating machines tailored to meet a specific production need is one of Minelli’s strengths as is the ability to develop projects in close cooperation with customers. In this way, we can create a product that truly meets our customers’ needs.

The design phase is crucial to fully understand them and develop the most suitable production process.

Moreover, we are able to create realistic prototypes of the final product so that clients can understand if it meets their requirements or if modifications are needed before moving on to the actual production phase.

custom gun stockIn this way, we can guarantee maximum cost-effectiveness and precision.

In fact, it is precisely at the prototyping stage that we can anticipate possible problems and make the necessary changes to create a functional and top-quality product.

Machines and prototypes, however, are not enough to create a top-quality wooden custom gun stock. Experience is also essential.

Processing wood is not easy: there are many varieties with specific characteristics, precise tolerances, and only a competent wood manufacturer knows them very well and can give the best advice to customers.

It’s not easy to find a partner that is ready to cooperate with you and help satisfy your clients’ requirements, but Minelli can do that.

Since 1937, Minelli S.p.A. has ensured perfection in the quality and design of each product manufactured, and its experienced specialists serve customers in the best way possible following rigorous processes and environmental sustainability.

If you have a project in mind or need to solve a specific issue, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our experts will be glad to evaluate your plan and help shape the custom gun stock that responds to your needs.

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