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The importance of technology in wooden toothbrushes design

Posted by Riccardo Carminati on November 03 2022 - Reading time: 5 minutes

wooden toothbrushesThe oral care market is especially competitive today, as people are often prone to buy cheap plastic products at the supermarket. If you want to offer wooden toothbrushes, which are better in design and for the environment, they must be of the highest quality.

Therefore, you must carefully select your supplier and pay attention to the manufacturing process it employs.

Let’s discuss the topic in the following article.

Wooden toothbrushes & oral care items: how to ensure perfect products

Consumers today, especially millennials and Generation Z, appreciate sustainable items. They love the idea of bringing nature into their homes, and buying wooden objects is the best way to do that. Not only wooden furniture and decorative elements: they consider even the simplest everyday objects—e.g., wooden toothbrushes—as a way to live more in contact with nature.

Selecting a reliable wood manufacturing company, however, requires careful evaluation of many aspects, and technology has a crucial role in each of them:

  • the codesign phase
  • preparation of the raw material
  • the manufacturing and finishing processes
  • quality control systems

To accomplish each of the above steps perfectly, your manufacturer needs the most advanced technologies and tools as well as specific competency. Wood is a tricky material to manage, and without the right machinery, it is impossible to create a precise, resistant, durable, and beautiful product.

Consider, in fact, that people won’t buy a functional but aesthetically bad item. They look for a combination of elegance, prestige, sustainability, and functionality as well.

Why is technology crucial in wooden oral care items creation?

Wooden oral care items are often small and difficult to manage properly to get precise, functional, and safe products. Safety, however, is a crucial aspect. Oral care items made of wood must be smooth and without splinters so as not to injure the mouth.

To create perfect oral care items, the design stage is very important: you need a partner with deep experience in solid wood processing and cutting-edge software solutions that can provide consulting services to its clients before moving to full production.

Being able to see a realistic prototype of the final product is essential to evaluate if any modifications are necessary.

Then, the raw material must be prepared properly. An accurate drying process guarantees the right moisture content for:

  • a clean milling process
  • higher dimensional stability
  • less probability of breakage

Your supplier should have cutting-edge drying chambers and a built-in control unit with heating, spraying, dehumidification, and an air circulation system with the possibility of adjusting them according to the starting moisture content and type of wood to treat.

The most experienced and technology-advanced manufacturers can develop dedicated production lines to fit the specific purpose of manufacturing wooden toothbrushes to guarantee maximum precision and accuracy.

In this case, you will also be able to require predrilled toothbrush heads with any kind of hole field pattern personalized according to your clients’ requests.

wooden toothbrushesCustomization is an essential aspect to consider, as your clients will expect you to offer a wide range of finishing options, paintings, and varnishes as well as the possibility to create ergonomic designs and brand their toothbrush handles.

As oral care items come in contact with the mouth, they must be coated with special FDA-approved formulas with antibacterial and water-repellent properties.

A competent manufacturer will be able to customize your toothbrushes with top-notch laser technology creating the logo on top of the handle or some deco and grip all around the handle. Different from silk-screening or hot stamping, laser technology is more sustainable, as it doesn’t need any ink or added chemical.

wooden toothbrushes

Today, the most innovative wood makers use anthropomorphic laser robots that can adapt to each shape with radial movements and different engraving depths.

Finally, before production, all wooden toothbrushes and dental care items should be individually checked with automatic systems of infrared video cameras and tailor-made artificial intelligence algorithms to ensure they meet all clients’ requirements.

Only a technologically advanced wood manufacturing company that invests a lot to get the most innovative software and tools and is based on automation, interconnectivity, machine learning, and real-time data can provide the highest-quality products.

Remember also that sustainability doesn’t concern just the raw material. The supplier you choose must pay great attention to illegal logging and deforestation and use only fast-growing and FSC/PEFC-certified timber collected near its production plants and sawmills to limit the impact of transportation and the overall process on the environment.

At Minelli S.p.A., we use only the latest generation of customized and made-for-purpose CNC machines, and we have in-house drying chambers and quality control systems with auto-learn function to guarantee the highest-quality products.

Thanks to our scrap management system, we also reuse scraps derived from production of other objects to create wooden blocks that are carefully stocked for future production of smaller items, such as oral care objects.

We have also developed our own Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that makes Minelli S.p.A. fully connected.

If you are looking for top-quality and eco-friendly wooden toothbrushes or need further information, our team is at your service: do not hesitate to contact us!

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