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The reasons why you should evaluate an adjustable rifle stock

Posted by Alberto Franchini on April 13 2021 - Reading time: 5 minutes

adjustable rifle stockThe stock is the part of the rifle that you shoulder and put in contact with your body. For this reason, many manufacturers have created several versions of their products, with the same mechanical components, but different shapes and characteristics depending on customers’ requests and preferences.

An adjustable rifle stock can let the shooter feel comfortable while holding the arm. Let’s talk about this topic in the article.

Adjustable rifle stock vs. standard one: which is the better choice?

Sporting and military rifles production has always prioritized the functional and technical aspects of the products. However, over the last 10-15 years, producers have put their attention on the aesthetics and ergonomics elements of the stock too.

Whether it’s a rifle bolt action or a semi-automatic, the ergonomics of the stock and the possible uses of the arm have become elements of critical importance for the success of the product.

Many years ago stocks were linear, ambidextrous, and with few possibilities of customization. Since then, shapes, lines, and ergonomics of the stocks have undergone a significant evolution, adapting to the different exigencies of shooters.

Each person, in fact, has his own unique body type: height and weight vary as well as length of the arms. Some people are left-handed, while others are right-handed. It means that a standard stock cannot really satisfy each individual shooter’s needs.

Stocks should be created and adapted to shooters’ different characteristics and abilities. But this is not always possible. Several gunmakers are able to create a tailored wooden stock, but there is a smarter solution available: the adjustable rifle stock that meets customers’ needs.

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An uncomfortable stock will negatively affect performance. The right stock is one that:
  • makes the shooter feel completely comfortable
  • lets him be accurate with each shot
  • allows him to hit the target consistently
  • lets him feel stable and safe

A standard rifle stock will seldom satisfy individual needs, and the shooter will often feel frustrated and incompetent as he strives to be successful.

Custom rifle stocks, however, will be created specifically for the person holding the firearm and fit perfectly for him.

Customization is the key

A custom gunstock can improve the overall shooting experience. Especially if you are a hunter or a target practitioner and you must hold your firearm for a long time, you need to feel good from the beginning to the end of the session.

adjustable rifle stock

Here are some factors that may affect performance:

The length of the stock

The length of the stock is crucial to ensure perfect comfort. If it’s too long, the heel may drag on the lower part of the shoulder. If it’s too short, you’re likely to feel more recoil, which can cause shoulder and cheek pain as well as less control whe

n handling the gun. This is possible using the proper adjustable L.O.P. system.

The pitch

The pitch represents the inclination of the butt. Less pitch may tend to make the gun shoot higher and more pitch lower. If the shooter is more robust, the angle will be less evident, and it will tend to zero for thin athletes.

However, the inclination also depends on the shooting style: some people prefer to maintain the trunk more tilted forward, and, in this case, the pitch will be reduced.

This angle must be correct to guarantee maximum management of the shotgun, safety, and stability.

This is possible using the proper adjustable recoil pad.

The grip

An effective grip is important to provide control and stability and to reduce recoil. How the grip feels in the shooter’s hand is important, and everyone must find his own proper grip to improve the shooting experience.

This is possible using the proper adjustable cheek hand. The best grip is very personal, but a standard grip—i.e., suitable for every shooter—does not exist.

Most important: choose the right supplier

Very often, manufacturers design and create standard rifle stocks that can be used by everyone without any distinction.

Professional shooters, however, need a gunstock with a proper fit for high-level performance and to hit the target consistently. For this reason, they need a rifle stock that can be adapted to their needs, preferences, body shape, and style of shooting.

A perfect fit is essential to achieve the best performance. Therefore, you must find a supplier that is ready to cooperate with you, listening to your needs to create a firearm that perfectly corresponds to your clients’ requirements.

DSC_0311 2

Wooden rifle stocks are the best in terms of durability, stability, accuracy, and possibility of customization.

In fact, wooden stocks:

  • have the ideal weight for shooting, being not too lightweight
  • absorb impact better than any other material, especially plastic
  • can be bedded to avoid deformation during the shot or after recoil
  • can be enhanced with many types of finishes, making them even more precious and durable
  • don’t need big initial investments, as a mould is not required
  • are eco-friendly, especially if produced by a company really focused on sustainability

Moreover, they give an incomparable sense of elegance, warmth, and prestige that is appreciated by enthusiasts, collectors, and professionals.

Minelli S.p.A. has been operating in the timber sector for more than eighty years and is one of the first companies to be certified by the FSC.

Thanks to our experience, technologies, and tools, we can create high-quality rifle stocks, customizing them according to your clients’ standards and requests. We can also enhance them with a wide range of finishing options to create a unique object.

If you want more information or have a project in mind, do not hesitate to contact us!

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