Gun stock engraving: why wood is a highly suitable material

Posted by Alberto Franchini on July 23 2020 - Reading time: 4 minutes

gun stock engravingEngraving is a way to customize and enhance wood to make your gun stock beautiful and unique. This technique can be applied on many different materials, but wood is particularly suitable. We talk about that in this article.

What does gun stock engraving mean?

Wood engraving is a relief printmaking process in which a print is made from a design incised on the surface of a woodblock.

This technique first appeared in England in the eighteenth century, and the first printmaker who used it was Thomas Bewick. Today, engraving is largely used to decorate gun stocks, as it makes them more precious, distinctive, and aesthetically beautiful. Consumers really appreciate this type of finish, especially if they want to customize their products.

Of all the techniques used for gun stock engraving, laser technology is the one that can guarantee the highest quality on wooden surfaces for two main reasons:

  • It is fast, as the same machine can perform many operations at the same time
  • It guarantees precise results, as the same engraving design is repeated for every woodblock

The video below shows how laser technology works:

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This method uses beams of light, and the heat from them melts and forms vapour on the wooden surface, leaving a smooth and permanent etched print.

Two more types of engraving are better suited for other materials:

  • Etching is a type of engraving used on crystal, stone, and glass. It allows letters, logos, and graphics to be used on such items as wine bottles, vases, and decorative pieces. Chemicals are used to form the desired design.
  • Rotary engraving is used on certain metals, including gold, sterling silver, copper, and aluminium. This type of engraving is ideal to enrich knives, trophies, and plates. Rotary engraving uses a spinning cutter in a spindle to cut through material and make the design.

As mentioned, however, laser technology is the best option for wooden gun stock engraving. In fact, it lets you personalize your firearm and make it unique.

gun stock engravingWhat is the best type of wood for gun stock engraving?

Any type of wood can be enriched with engravings if your manufacturer has the right machinery and competency to perform such precise work. This is a very important factor to consider, as any expert and well-equipped supplier will be able to create high-quality objects. Wood, in fact, is a complicated material to manage, and gun stock engraving requires a high degree of precision and expertise. If you want a top-quality product that is also cost-effective, you must rely on a competent producer who can rely on very innovative tools.

The best and most attractive engravings are generally made on lightweight woods, such as Plywood, Alder, Douglas, Balsa, Fir, and Cork. These types of wood can guarantee clearer and more appealing engravings, as the light of the laser will produce a deep, dark burn that will contrast perfectly with the base. On darker woods, engravings won’t stand out so much, as they will have the same colour as the engraved wood. 

gun stock engravingIn any case, it is a question of preference: some people don’t like the contrast between engravings and the original colour of wood and prefer to use this technique on darker types of wood.

A highly skilled manufacturer will be able to create excellent engravings on both light and dark wood, satisfying your needs and expectations. He will also be able to advise you on the best material to choose, depending on your project.

Why is wood perfect for gun stock engraving?

Wood is a very prestigious material, and many people love it because of the sense of elegance and uniqueness that it conveys. Engraving is a technique that let you create amazing designs, requiring precision, attention, and the right competencies. The result is a very precious and refined object, as it has been handmade by the most expert artisan. On poorer materials, such as stone or metal, the effect and feeling will never be the same. Wood is warm and elegant, and gun stock engraving makes it even more precious.

gun stock engravingMoreover, it is very appreciated by consumers, as it is a good way to customize their product with the drawing they desire. A good supplier will be able to satisfy even the most complicated requests. Consumers are very demanding today, and they expect their vendor to meet their needs.

A talented supplier with a wood-engraving innovative machine can create stunning objects in a short time, letting you satisfy your client.

It is undeniable that a competent supplier makes the difference in any situation. If you must deal with specific requests and techniques that require precision and talent (as bedding a rifle stock, for example), the choice of wood manufacturer is essential to ensure successful products.

Thanks to our decennial expertise in wood manufacturing and our innovative and modern machines, we can promise high-quality products delivered on time at a competitive price. The Minelli Group is known all over the world for the quality of its materials and expertise.

If you have a project in mind, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you with whatever you require. Click here.

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