Why you should also include thumbhole stock in your catalogue

Posted by Alberto Franchini on November 26 2020 - Reading time: 4 minutes

thumbhole stockThumbhole stocks are less common than standard rifle stocks but no less appreciated by consumers. Producers are sometimes unwilling to include them in their product catalogues, or they prefer offering just a few options. In this article, we want to give some reasons why you should include them in your catalogue.

Thumbhole stock: 5 good reasons to offer it

Thumbhole stocks are rifle stocks with an ergonomic butt stock and a hole that allows the thumb of the trigger hand to pass through the stock while firing.

When people decide to buy a new firearm, they must evaluate several factors to understand if the stock really suits them. Comfort is the first and most important one to ensure control and stability while shooting, which is why the design of the rifle must change according to its purpose. About ten years ago, hunting and shooting shotgun stocks were almost identical. Today, multipurpose stocks don’t exist anymore: you must give customers the possibility to buy a specific stock designed depending on what they are going to do with it. An expert supplier knows the differences among them and can create different stocks based on the specific needs of the shooter.

There can be situations in which offering a thumbhole stock instead of a classic one is advisable: it depends on the shooter but the thumbhole rifle makes a “super fitting” with the body. Offering a larger selection of stocks allows consumers to find a product that really suits them. Having a wide product catalogue is therefore an advantage, as people will be more encouraged to buy.

When could a thumbhole stock be the right choice?

There are three situations in which a thumbhole stock might be better than a standard one.

  • When the shooter requires more ergonomics

The presence of the hole in the stock increases ergonomics when holding the rifle, as the thumb can move in a more natural position mainly if the stock is properly right or left hand. The standard stock can be uncomfortable and even painful, especially for shooters with large hands, who must hold their thumb over the top of the gun stock for a long time. Those with small hands can also take advantage of a thumbhole stock, as they can reach the trigger correctly without putting their hand in an awkward position.

thumbhole stock

Moreover, it must be recognized that thumbhole stock is not immediate to embrace, so it could be not ideal for those who practice birds hunting or clay target.

  • When the client needs more grip

A proper grip is crucial when shooting and—to hit the target consistently—the grip must remain the same after each shot. It is often difficult to understand, however, which is the best grip for each person. It seems that a thumbhole stock can help improve the grip on the firearm, as the shooter can slide the thumb on the rear hand through the stock rather than wrap it over the top of the stock.

Even if the recoil is reduced, though, one’s hands may feel tired after several shots. Keeping the thumb in the hole may help maintain a solid grip.

  • When the shooter wants to improve precision

The rifle stock must have a certain weight to be stable and accurate, but also the fire line position is absolutely important.

thumbhole stock

Embracing your rifle, the main issue for having the proper shot precision is drive your eyes to the target line. Reaching the target line with an ergonomic and balanced stock is easier if compared with a standard stock, so you are a step ahead.

Moreover, consider that the weight of wooden stocks is well distributed between action and barrel, allowing to get instinctively the right line of fire. The presence of the hole is an additional advantage, especially for women and children, as it helps them to control the shot recoil.

A reliable partner must be able to advise his clients about the best firearm stock for them, considering their characteristics and needs. He must also offer as many different options as possible so that customers can find the product that fits them best.

Being able to customize the stock with many gun stock refinishing techniques is fundamental too. Many shooters are also firearm collectors, and they want to buy an aesthetically beautiful object, not just a functional one. You must find a supplier that gives you the possibility to choose among a wide range of innovative finishes and is able to manage them properly to provide modern, elegant, and customizable objects.

With its eighty years of experience in wood manufacturing, the Minelli Group can create perfect gun and rifle stocks, satisfying even the most complicated requests and maintaining the highest standards in compliance with strict quality control.

If you need more information or have a project in mind, do not hesitate to contact us: click here!

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