5 essential tips for choosing unique cosmetic box packaging

Posted by Edoardo Cavagnetto on January 30 2020 - Reading time: 4 minutes
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cosmetic box packagingPackaging has a pivotal role in creating brand awareness, especially in the luxury industry, as most people consider the design of the package when making a purchase. They link the beauty and prestige of the container with the quality of the product inside, which increases sales. That’s why it is so important to choose the right packaging for your cosmetics and perfumes. We want to give you some advice about choosing packaging that will make your product stand out.

How do you create unique cosmetic box packaging?

Today, having distinctive and unique packaging is essential for a brand’s success. Since competition among cosmetic and perfume brands is increasingly high, they need to find ways to stand out from the crowd. Unattractive and insignificant packaging can have disastrous consequences on sales and brand reputation. Creating high-quality and distinctive packages, therefore, is important to demonstrate to consumers that the brand is valuable, and it can be a powerful trigger for sales. The question is: how do you create cosmetic box packaging that makes the product exclusive and attractive? We have five tips to help you be successful.

1. Select the right material for your packaging

When clients are looking for a new product, what they will first see and touch is the packaging. The material you choose is crucial for two reasons:

  • you have to select cosmetic box packaging material in line with the philosophy of the brand: if the product is organic and green, the packaging must be the same
  • it must provide a pleasant tactile experience. Feelings linked to tactile experience can be a determining factor when choosing a luxury product

Wood is an ideal material in this sense: being alive, it is warm and provides a tactile and sensory experience that is unthinkable with other materials. Moreover, many types of wood are very expensive and rare, so they make the product even more valuable thanks to their elegance and prestige. Another advantage of choosing wood for cosmetic box packaging is that each type of wood has its own characteristics and peculiarities, so each piece will be unique. You will never find two identical pieces even of the same wood due to different shades, veins, and knots.

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2. Think about the perfect design of cosmetic box packaging

The outer appearance of the product becomes increasingly important, as it can represent and symbolize the soul and the identity of the brand, evoking a particular atmosphere, a place or a situation, and attracting the attention of possible buyers. That is why many companies invest on the packaging as much as on the product itself. Therefore, you must find a way to create a captivating and eye-catching design that really reflects the image of the brand without forgetting functionality. Today, uncommon shapes are really appreciated, and wood is a perfect material in this sense, as it can be easily worked to obtain many different forms. Besides aesthetics, cosmetic box packaging must also be easy to use and protect the product.

cosmetic box packaging3. Customize your design to make it distinctive

To achieve a unique and distinctive product, it is especially important to personalize it. This doesn’t just mean deciding where to position the logo and statement. It also means making sure these remain impressed on the consumer’s mind. Choosing unique and innovative finishings is a good way to do that. Every type of wood—even the less prestigious—can be enhanced with many types of finishings. From the more classic paintings to water-based and soft-touch finishings and polymer coatings, wood can be transformed according to brands’ preferences, standards, and exigencies. This is a great advantage of this material in creating cosmetic box packaging. Moreover, wood can also be left rough to give a major sense of purity and naturalness, for example, if the brand wants to transmit its “green spirit.”

4. Create cosmetic box packaging by combining different materials

Especially in the world of luxury cosmetics and perfumery, it is often necessary to combine different materials to create a desirable and prestigious object. Boxes might have metal or wooden inserts, for example, makeup containers and jars could be produced using wood combined with metal, plastic, or glass, while perfume caps made of wood can be used on glass bottles. However, these processes require a deep knowledge of the different kinds of wood to make them fit perfectly with other materials. You must ensure that your partner applies a high-precision mechanical approach—with the right tools and machinery—to achieve perfect results.

cosmetic box packaging

For example, you must consider that wood is alive, and it moves constantly. Before machining the raw material, the supplier must be able to slowly decrease its natural humidity in controlled climatic chambers and he must be aware of the specific tolerances required by the different wood essences, and how to set them. Just in this way, wooden components will fit perfectly on the other materials. Consolidated process, tailor-made logistic solutions and a strong focus on Industry 4.0 are crucial to guarantee precision, punctuality, and quality. The possibility of mixing many materials gives you the opportunity to be more creative and, consequently, more distinctive.

5. Be careful about sustainability

Today, sustainability is a topic that can’t be ignored. Consumers are increasingly aware of environmental issues, and they often prefer to buy eco-friendly products. Brands and companies must consider this trend when preparing the release of a new product and creating related packaging. Choosing environmentally friendly and recyclable materials is the right way to satisfy buyers’ concerns about sustainability. It doesn’t mean ignoring the glamour and prestige of a product: for instance, wood—especially the most expensive and rare essences—lets you create elegant and fashionable packages while being “green” at the same time.

Choosing the right cosmetic box packaging for your product may have the same effect as a good and effective commercial: it lets you transmit to consumers the image and values of your brand, communicating why you and your product are unique. It can be effective in retaining loyal customers and attracting new ones, influencing shopping behaviour.
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