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Posted by Edoardo Cavagnetto on 21.01.2021 - Reading time: 5 minutes
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luxury cosmetic packaging designThe COVID-19 pandemic has shown how much carbon emission drops and wildlife flourishes when we slow down our economic engine. This has led to a surge in environmental and sustainability awareness. Choosing eco-friendly luxury cosmetic packaging design can represent a turning point. We talk about that in the following article.

Luxury cosmetic packaging design & the green trend: how to stay ahead

Sustainable packaging has become a high priority for both brands and consumers. The COVID-19 emergency has raised public awareness of the link between humans and the environment. People today are more concerned about environmental issues than ever before and are more prone to change their behaviour toward more conscious choices. Companies can’t ignore this trend.

BCG (i.e., Boston Consulting Group) recently surveyed more than 3.000 people across eight countries about environmental awareness. They found that:

  • 70% of participants are more aware now than before COVID-19 that human activity threatens the climate and that degradation of the environment, in turn, threatens humans
  • Three-quarters of respondents said environmental issues are as concerning as—or more concerning than—health issues
  • People want to see aggressive action on the environmental front; it means that companies must make environmental issues a priority
  • 87% of participants said companies should integrate environmental concerns more into their products, services, and operations than in the past
  • Younger people especially think that personal behaviour can make the difference in addressing environmental action

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What can luxury cosmetic companies do to face this situation?

Implementing eco packaging is no longer an option. It’s a necessity. Choosing sustainable luxury cosmetic packaging design minimizes the waste and pollution that end up in our landfills and oceans and doesn’t contribute to the further depletion of natural resources.

Moreover, as mentioned before, environmental protection is one of the factors people take into account when they are making a purchase. It means that choosing sustainable luxury cosmetic & perfume packaging can potentially increase sales and guarantee a competitive edge.

This can happen in a number of ways:

  • Choosing eco-friendly raw materials
  • Making production processes more sustainable
  • Following a circular economy model

luxury cosmetic packaging designThe role of the manufacturer is therefore crucial to ensure a completely eco-friendly product. Choosing an ecological raw materialꟷas wood isꟷis certainly a good idea, but it is not enough. The entire production process must be sustainable.

What does sustainable production process mean?

The first important point to consider is the collection of the raw material. If wood is collected improperly—i.e., not following the strict guidelines imposed by international organizations, such the FSC—it can cause significant damage to our planet and local communities in the harvesting areas. FSC certification is the only way to ensure that products come from responsibly managed forests and that the supplier respects market standards about environmental protection.

luxury cosmetic packaging designWhen forests are properly managed, there are many benefits for both humans and the environment in terms of biodiversity, regeneration, and forest health. Discover more in our article dedicated to the responsible cutting of trees.

Transportation logistics has an important role, too, as vehicle emissions have a great impact on the environment. Shortening the process that raw materials go through to reach production is necessary to reduce the carbon footprint.

In addition, the way in which resources are managed is fundamental. A sustainable timber company reuses discarded materials, sawdust, and waste to fuel heating systems and heat drying chambers, following the principles of a circular economy, as shown in the picture below.

luxury cosmetic packaging design

Threaded wooden caps can represent a turning point

Threaded wooden caps are the new eco-friendly solution for wooden closures in perfumery and cosmetics, as they are the most sustainable wooden caps avoiding the use of inner plastic.

So far, wooden caps in cosmetics have needed an internal plastic threaded capsule to ensure perfect closing. Now, this plastic part and the associated glue for it can be definitively eliminated, resulting in a completely eco-friendly object.

luxury cosmetic packaging designIncluding threaded wooden caps in your catalogue can let you respond to the needs of those consumers who want to buy more eco-friendly products.

However, not all threaded wooden caps are equal. To understand if it is durable and resistant, you should observe the section of the thread.

A standard thread starts tangentially to the edge of the cap and then rises progressively until it reaches its maximum section height. Since wood is a “soft” material, such structure is subjected to wear over time, hence losing its smooth hermetic closure.

luxury cosmetic packaging designA wooden thread that starts at its maximum section height right from the beginning will maintain its functionality over time, protecting the product from contamination and leakage.

Look at the video below to see some examples:

Video Legnavis

Talking about the luxury industry, the products you offer must be both functional and aesthetically beautiful.

You must select a wood maker with extensive experience in wood manufacturing and the most innovative tools and CNC (computer numerical control) machines to ensure perfect results.

Since 1937, Minelli S.p.A. has designed, developed, and manufactured premium custom-made wooden components and products for many different brands and markets, and the quality of its objects is recognized all over the world.

We were the first and only company that patented a completely eco-friendly threaded cap without plastic or glue, which we called Legnavis. It is the strongest and most durable product when compared with those of our competitors. If you want to discover more about this innovative product and the essences, shapes, and finishes we can offer, download the free presentation!

And if you need more information or have a project in mind, do not hesitate to contact us. Click here!

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