Threaded wooden cap: how to choose the most durable and resistant one

Posted by Edoardo Cavagnetto on 17.12.2020 - Reading time: 4 minutes
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Threaded wooden capPlastic pollution is a crucial issue today, and an increasing number of people are looking for ways to reduce it. Companies want to offer more sustainable solutions, products made with eco-friendly materials, and manufacturing processes that follow the standards of a circular economy model. A completely eco-friendly threaded wooden cap can be a turning point. We talk about that in this article.

Why does a threaded wooden cap make your product a sustainable design item?

You have surely heard about threaded wooden caps as the new eco-friendly solution for wooden closures in perfumery and cosmetics. Some companies today have begun to create this particular type of cap that can actually represent a turning point in the pursuit of completely sustainable products.

A threaded wooden cap is the most sustainable wooden cap avoiding the use of inner plastic. So far, wooden caps in cosmetics have needed an internal plastic threaded capsule to ensure perfect closing. Now, this plastic part and the associated glue for it can be definitively eliminated, resulting in a completely eco-friendly object.

The demand for products that don’t damage the environment is constantly growing. For this reason, including threaded wooden caps in your catalogue is a great advantage, as you can respond to the needs of those consumers who want to buy more sustainable items.

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As mentioned above, some manufacturers are producing these components, but it can be very difficult to choose a product that can really satisfy your needs. We want to give you some advice so that you can recognize a top-quality threaded wooden cap.

Some considerations about a top-quality threaded wooden cap

Precision and durability are two fundamental features of packaging components for cosmetics and perfumes.

Wooden components are designed to be combined with other materials, so they must be suitable for the specific object. If the cap doesn’t fit perfectly on the perfume or cosmetic bottle, problems with product leakage or contamination may occur. Moreover, we must consider that you screw and unscrew a cosmetic cap very frequently, so it must be resistant and durable and not liable to be damaged after being used.

threaded wooden capHow do you recognize a durable threaded wooden cap?

You should observe the section of the thread.

A standard thread starts tangentially to the edge of the cap and then rises progressively until it reaches its maximum section height. Since wood is a “soft” material, such structure is subjected to wear over time, hence losing its smooth hermetic closure.

threaded wooden capA wooden thread that starts at its maximum section height right from the beginning, is much more resistant and durable; such thread will maintain its functionality over time while protecting the product from contamination and leakage.

threaded wooden cap

The role of the manufacturer is crucial.

Without a deep knowledge of wood, the most innovative tools and CNC (computer numerical control) machines, and both manual and automatic quality control during production, the wood maker cannot guarantee this high level of precision.

The supplier must be aware of the typical tolerances required by wood when milled to be coupled with other materials in the final product and how to set them to guarantee maximum precision and adaptability.

Want to see the most resistant and durable threaded cap?

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An additional factor is the drying level of the raw material. If the wood has a high percentage of humidity, its shape and volume may warp over time, causing functionality problems. A competent manufacturer has special drying chambers that guarantee the correct degree of dryness of the raw material before moving to production.

All these factors demonstrate that not all wood manufacturers are able to make premium quality products.

Consumers today are more demanding than ever before, and they ask for both functional and aesthetically beautiful products. Therefore, you must be sure to offer the best products available on the market in your catalogue.

Legnavis: the first and most sustainable threaded cap

As discussed above, sustainability is a crucial matter for brands and consumers, and we found a solution that can satisfy your clients’ needs.

We were pioneers in introducing and patenting a completely eco-friendly threaded cap without plastic or glue, which we called Legnavis. Thanks to our special tools and CNC machining, we were able to create the strongest and most durable product when compared with those of our competitors.
In fact, the internal thread we patented starts already with its maximum resistant section and has a flat section, that is extremely resistant and durable.

In the image below, you can see the difference beetween a regular thread and our more resistant Legnavis thread:


Discover more about Legnavis:
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We were the first and only company that patented this innovative thread in January 2020, and we are very proud of this completely sustainable, elegant, and customizable solution. We can supply it in almost any dimension and shape, wood essence, and finish according to your clients’ requests. Our R&D department is constantly working on developing new water-based lacquers that are eco-friendly and safe.

We must underline that in case a sealing gasket has to be present it can be completely removed, as we include in the internal cap design a specific undercut.

Since 1937, Minelli S.p.A. has designed, developed, and manufactured premium custom-made wooden components and products for many different brands and markets, and the quality of its objects is recognized all over the world.

If you need more information or have a project in mind, do not hesitate to contact us. Click here!

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