5 reasons why you should prefer a wood packaging for your products

Posted by Edoardo Cavagnetto on 11.06.2020 - Reading time: 3 minutes
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wood packagingToday, you have many options when choosing packaging materials for fragrances, cosmetics, and spirits. Besides wood, one can choose plastic, aluminium, glass, PET, and many more. Why should you choose wood? What are the advantages of wood packaging compared with plastic? Discover the answer in this article!

Why is wood packaging the best choice for cosmetics, perfumes, and spirits?

Competition in the luxury packaging market is becoming very intense today, especially because clients are increasingly demanding, and you must be able to satisfy even the most complicated requests. The best way to gain a competitive advantage is by offering your customers a wide product catalogue featuring top-quality, beautiful, and perfectly made objects. When we consider luxury packaging, these are the three fundamental prerequisites to ensure the marketability of products and their functionality. The design of the packaging, in fact, influences many consumers’ buying decisions, and its functionality is critical for preserving the integrity of the content. Here are five reasons why wood is the right solution.

1. Wood makes a product unique

When we talk about cosmetics, fragrances, and spirits packaging, brands ask for unusual shapes and unique finishing options to be recognizable and show their identity and values. If you find a competent manufacturer with innovative machines and tools, he will be able to create complicated and nonconventional shapes and offer a wide variety of innovative finishing options that you will be able to offer your clients.

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Wood packaging can be an important distinguishing element. Especially in the liquors and perfumes markets, design is crucial: many people base their purchasing decision on just the aesthetic appearance of the bottle and its cap. Besides the content, consumers are interested in having a unique object to display in their homes. A wood cap or package made by an expert manufacturer will make the difference in your catalogue, as you can offer customizable solutions according to your clients’ requirements. Furthermore, every single piece is unique because of the natural variations in color tone and wood grains of the logs, even if they are of the same essence.

wood packaging2. Wood is elegant

Most perfumes, spirits, and cosmetics brands belong to the luxury market, so they are very expensive, and, consequently, buyers want to get their money’s worth when they buy one of them. The quality and appearance of the packaging are very important in their decision. A wood cap, for instance, when compared with a plastic one, conveys elegance and prestige just at first sight. Wood is a precious and expensive material, providing a sense of luxury just by touching it. On the contrary, plastic or aluminium are cheaper and poor choices for luxury packaging.

3. Wood is cost-effective

Wood can be much more cost-effective with respect to other materials. If you want to create a wood cap, package, or box, you must know that they won’t require moulds, which are very expensive in terms of money and time. It means that the initial investment will be much lower, and you will be able to modify your product easily and quickly without spending for a new mould. If you select the right supplier, he will be able to give you realistic prototypes of your final products. Being able to test a precise prototype in the preproduction phase is important to avoid unforeseen and unexpected problems that will affect overall production costs. Realistic prototypes let you notice possible defects in advance and modify them before moving to actual production.

wood packaging4. Wood is safe

With respect to other materials, wood has the great advantages of being very strong, resistant, and more hygienic. In fact, special finishes can be applied to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and molds even if the product is left in a humid environment. Cosmetics and perfumes, for example, are often placed in the bathroom, maybe near the sink, so wood packaging could get wet; otherwise, spirits could be placed in a cellar, where molds are very common. Therefore, it is important for the packaging material to be treated correctly to preserve the quality of the content and be safe for people.

5. Wood is sustainable

Finally, wood is naturally present in nature, so it doesn’t damage the environment. Pollution is a very serious issue today. People prefer buying products that don’t represent a possible threat for our planet. If the wood packaging is FSC labelled, it means that raw material is gathered responsively, following strict processes that preserve and protect the environment. It is important to ensure this point for your clients.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier that:

  • has a deep knowledge of wood
  • can guarantee top-quality wooden products
  • responds to all market demands
  • follows sustainable production processes

do not hesitate to contact us.

Minelli S.p.A has been managing wood for more than eighty years. Our expertise and innovation are at your disposal to meet all your needs. If you have a project in mind, we will be glad to help you shape your idea. Click here to contact us!

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