What does modern cosmetic design mean? Discover the latest trends

Posted by Edoardo Cavagnetto on 10.09.2020 - Reading time: 4 minutes
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cosmetic designAccording to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, more than 30.000 new products are introduced every year, and 95% of them fail. Part of this shocking percentage is because packaging is not attractive enough and does not engage consumers. In this article, we will discuss the latest trends in cosmetic design to make packaging unique and increase the ROI.

Cosmetic design: sustainability, personalization, and multisensory experience

The role of cosmetic packaging in the luxury industry is not just containing something. It must also protect the content, enhance aesthetics, respond to consumers’ needs, and be in line with their values. Cosmetic packaging must act as a silent salesman, making the product more attractive and influencing clients’ purchasing decisions. It communicates why a product is unique and the most important values that a specific brand wants to transmit. If manufactured in the right way, cosmetic packaging will help retain loyal consumers and inspire new ones. Before buying a new product, people want to be sure about its quality and safety: high-quality packaging helps them decide.

Today, some important trends must be considered when creating a new cosmetic design: in particular, it must be eco-friendly, customizable, and create a connection with consumers, boosting a sensorial and emotional experience. Let’s discuss these points.

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The “green rediscovering” trend

The eco-friendly cosmetic design trend has never been as popular as it is now. People today are more informed about the problems linked to plastic pollution, and they look for ways to safeguard the planet and reduce possible damage. Green packaging is also becoming popular in the luxury industry, and more brands try to offer plastic-free and more sustainable choices. For this reason, wood packaging is really appreciated, as it combines eco-friendliness with elegance and prestige, which are fundamental in the luxury market.

cosmetic designWood is recyclable and reusable, too, and leads to a reduction in the production of plastic. What’s most important is to determine if wood is collected responsibly, following the strict rules imposed by environmental associations: FSC certification demonstrates that this raw material comes from protected forests and is gathered without damaging the eco-system. To consider a product eco-friendly, the entire manufacturing process must also be focused on sustainability. The manufacturer must manage resources in a responsible way, reusing offcuts, for example, and trying to reduce its carbon footprint by adopting the circular economy model.

cosmetic designSustainability is not just about materials. Consumers must be aware of it to make completely conscious choices.

The importance of custom cosmetic packaging

Product customization is the key to give value to clients and provide a successful customer experience. People have personalized experiences every minute. Just surfing the web, they receive personalized recommendations, offers, and content depending on their preferences and previous purchases. People appreciate that brands provide personalized experiences, and they demand the same when they buy something offline. The most innovative technologies make it much easier to customize packaging and add personalization to products. If a wood manufacturing company can rely on cutting-edge machines and tools, it will be able to offer a wide range of unique, modern, and sophisticated finishings (e.g., laser engravings, embossing, polymer coatings, special varnishes, soft-touch and glossy finishes, digital printing) as well as cosmetic designs.

cosmetic designAccording to Forbes, 80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand that provides personalized experiences, which is why many companies are exploring personalized packaging, finding a relevant return on investment. Personalization allows individuals to identify with a brand’s products, boosting engagement and improving the customer experience.

What does multisensory experience mean?

Another emerging trend in cosmetic design is that it must create an emotional connection with consumers through all the senses. Creating multisensory packaging means using different elements (e.g., visual enhancers, olfactory elements, tactile experiences, and other packaging aspects) to create a connection between the company and its consumers, engaging and making them loyal. It is especially important in the cosmetic field, as people don’t want to just purchase a product. They want to sense it too. An expert manufacturer can create a cosmetic packaging design that exploits all the senses to engage consumers, finding the right balance. If you would like to understand the multisensory experience in more detail, you can read our dedicated article.

cosmetic designIf you want to keep up with the most recent trends, you must find a supplier that regularly follows the market and offers new ideas and new styles, creating products that are more likely to be successful. In this way, you can satisfy your clients’ expectations and their increasingly demanding requests.

At Minelli, we have an internal cosmetic design and development department, so you can be sure that we are dedicated to designing the best products that we can. Thanks to our decennial experience in wood manufacturing and innovative tools, we can create high-quality, glamorous, and unique objects. Our most recent innovation—what we called Legnavis—is the most sustainable wood cap, avoiding the use of the inner plastic capsule. It is a completely eco-friendly solution, responding to the growing demand for sustainability.

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