Optimizing production costs for custom cosmetic packaging components

Posted by Edoardo Cavagnetto on 25.06.2020 - Reading time: 3 minutes
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custom cosmetic packagingWhen you decide to include wooden cosmetic packaging components in your catalogue, you must deal with costs related to production. Finding a balance between costs and quality is not always easy but is crucial to ensure the long-term success of your products. How can you maximize cost efficiency? Selecting the right supplier can make the difference. We talk about that in this article.

Custom cosmetic packaging: the role of the supplier in balancing costs and quality

When considering optimization of production costs, you must look at the entire manufacturing process, not just a single aspect of it (e.g., the cost of the raw material). Focusing on the overall process will let you understand if your supplier is doing his best to guarantee maximum cost-effectiveness. If the manufacturer you select has great expertise and the right tools, he can help you optimize production costs for custom cosmetic packaging. Let’s discuss what’s most important to evaluate in each phase of the process.

Design phase

When you decide to include wooden custom cosmetic packaging components in your catalogue, you need a supplier that can advise you about best practices and the right decisions to make. The design phase is crucial to ensure a perfect and successful product. Each type of wood is different and has specific characteristics and prices, and your supplier must be able to suggest the best typology for a specific product (e.g., a cap, a package, or a box). Besides price, there can be significant differences in terms of strength, manageability, durability, and aesthetics. Once the raw material is established, a competent wood maker must be able to suggest the best finishes for your beauty packaging, complying with all technical requirements and in line with your expectations. Making the right choice is essential to ensure functional and marketable custom packaging components.

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Prototyping phase

This phase is one of the most important when producing custom cosmetic packaging components. Touching and seeing a realistic prototype of the final product allows you to predict and anticipate possible problems that might affect overall costs. If the prototype presents defects or technical issues, you can adjust them before production without wasting money. The problem is that many manufacturers do not have the right competencies and technologies to create such realistic prototypes that correspond 100% to the end product. You must ensure this before selecting your supplier.

custom cosmetic packagingProduction phase

Especially when you order a large number of custom cosmetic packaging components, your supplier must be able to ensure the correct production process to guarantee quality consistency and cost-effectiveness. A correct and efficient production process will let you avoid wasting material and be able to obtain precise products, saving a lot of money. If necessary, a leading wood manufacturer can build special tools and fixtures as well as dedicated production lines according to what he must produce, choosing the right machinery and processes as necessary. In this way, he can meet every request, even the most demanding.

Launch phase

The launch of the product is a very delicate step, as you cannot know at the beginning if the product will be successful. If your supplier is particularly flexible, he can give you the chance of testing your custom cosmetic packaging components before actual production. It means that you can produce smaller lots and test them on the market with different essences and finishes to understand which is appreciated more by your customers. Then you can adjust production and maintain just those characteristics that were most successful, resulting in a smarter investment.

custom cosmetic packagingPostproduction phase

Receiving your wooden custom cosmetic packaging components on time is fundamental for putting them on the market quickly and start selling as planned. “Just in time” delivery gives you a great advantage. If the manufacturer offers customizable private stocking solutions, you will have the opportunity to order from stock with virtually instantaneous delivery and saving warehouse expenses, which are usually very high. This can happen if your supplier focuses on automation, interconnectivity, machine learning, and real-time data, exploiting the power of Industry 4.0.

At Minelli, we combine our experience in wood manufacturing with innovative software, modern machines, and manual and automatic quality control systems. This mix allows us to guarantee maximum precision and the highest cost-effectiveness. Every step of the manufacturing process is carefully planned, and in case of unforeseen problems that may affect delivery time, an automatic notification is instantly sent to the production manager. In this way, we can ensure punctual production and completion of orders on time. Moreover, we have five manufacturing plants located at different sites that give us access to dozens of production lines. Therefore, we can be very flexible, as we always have a backup production line that guarantees that each order is delivered as scheduled. If you are looking for a supplier that can offer custom wood products at competitive prices, contact us: click here!

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